Develop Optimism and Mental Resilience to Conquer Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered by external or internal experiences. We must understand these triggers, take control of our thoughts and change our environment in order to get lasting relief from anxiety. We can learn to conquer our anxiety by acquiring some healthy coping tools.

Nutritionist-Recommended Detox Water to Boost Immunity

No magic food or drink is going to prevent you from getting sick, but nutrients play an important role in supporting your immunity and your overall health. Here’s a great recipe from our expert Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner Puja Kumari

All You Need To Know About Functional Medicine - Liv Magazine

If you’ve picked up a copy of this month’s Liv magazine, you might have seen us talking about FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE! At CS&W several of our practitioners are trained in Functional Medicine. Maxi, Dr Damien and Katie have undergone extensive training in this individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that helps restore health by addressing the root causes of disease.

Coping With Quarantine: Can Online Hypnotherapy Help?

Are you quarantined right now, or are you going to be? Do you feel overwhelmed by this situation? Our hypnotherapist Sybille, who has been through multiple quarantines, can share with you useful tools to release the negative emotions and be able to relax and move on with what you need or want to do. Special 40% discount for individuals undergoing quarantine.

It’s Here: Join Our Online Nutrition Program!

Want to learn about the nutrients your body needs to perform at it’s best? Curious about controversial ingredients? Want to lead a more balanced life? This and much more in our 3-MONTH ONLINE NUTRITION PROGRAM, Saturdays at 10am, starting September 11th!
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