With slouching, text neck and scoliosis seemingly being the norm today I was duly surprised by this newspaper clipping my parents sent about my former ballet teacher who just turned 90. She looks more upright and energetic than most 40 year olds! What is her secret?

To call or not to call

I'm definitely not suggesting you call for help if you feel a twinge at your left ear lobe. In most cases the body will deal with it. But if you had a weird pain or a physical discomfort for a couple of weeks and it's not getting any better, you probably should have it checked out. This is why...

Holiday Health

As the end of the term is approaching the whole family is getting excited about the summer holidays. Mother's minds are planning what to pack, and how to keep everyone happy on holiday.

Year of the Goat - Befriending the Self

Many come to counseling with a desire to change something about their lives. This is a great starting place, yet that same desire can lead to disappointment when we discover we keep coming back to the same problems.

Depression And Bipolar

Many of you will have experienced the quick action of Homeopathy: how the correct Homeopathic remedy can bring down a fever, clear up a sore throat, relieve a chesty cough, or soothe a restless child.

Modality Highlight: Osteopathy

An Osteopath doesn’t just treat a painful back or knee, but the body as a whole, addressing the underlying causes or biomechanics and preventing re-occurrence.
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