Sports Massage Returns: Meet Ruth Larkin!

Sports Massage Returns: Meet Ruth Larkin!

We're delighted to announce the return of Sports Massage to our clinic, with our newest therapist, Ruth Larkin! 

Ruth specializes in a variety of areas:

  • Sports preparation, training, and recovery
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Pain management, including headaches and chronic discomfort
  • Muscular discomfort during pregnancy
  • Childhood growing pains


Why Choose Ruth for Your Sports Massage Needs?

Ruth isn't just another massage therapist. Her background in professional dance and years in the entertainment industry have given her a deep understanding of the demands placed on the body in high-performance settings. She knows firsthand the importance of optimal physical condition and the impact that stress and strain can have on overall well-being.


With her training from the esteemed North London School of Sports Massage, Ruth has honed her skills to address a wide range of concerns. Whether you're an athlete preparing for a competition, a busy parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone experiencing chronic pain, Ruth has the expertise to tailor her treatments to meet your specific needs.


Ruth's holistic approach extends beyond the massage table. She believes in empowering her clients with knowledge and tools to support their health journey outside of sessions. Whether it's recommending stretches, offering nutritional advice, or providing guidance on stress management techniques, Ruth is committed to helping you achieve long-term wellness.


So why wait? Take the first step towards feeling your best and book a session with Ruth today. Whether you visit our Central or Stanley location, you're in good hands with Ruth!

Contact us to book an appointment today

  •   G/F 120 Stanley Main St.
  •     Stanley Market, Stanley, Hong Kong
  •  2372 9700
  •  6805 7307
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  •  6/F On Lan Centre, 15 On Lan St.
  •     Central, Hong Kong
  •  2866 0287
  •  6801 7513
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