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Are you ready to create a brand new you? Tap into your subconscious to experience infinite possibilities.

Quantum Jumping is a deep form of hypnotherapy where clients are guided in advanced visualization methods and breathing techniques to relax the mind and body. The goal is to help you harness the wisdom, abilities and inspiration you need to re-design your ultimate reality. 

We have all had childhood dreams...Singing on a world stage, going traveling all around the world, painting a masterpiece, and the list can go on. What appened to those dreams? Chances are you may have "grown up" and the dreams got buried due to "getting ahead in life" through a mortgage, having a family, going up the career ladder, saving for a special car that only depreciates...etc. 

BUT, what if somewhere in your subconscious those dreams are still alive? Quantum Jumping can allow you to come closer and move steps towards making those dreams a reality. 

It's a deeper form of meditation that allows you to light up your inner intuitive ability. Learn and master a new skill, find the answers, inspiration and solutions you need to set your goals and visions.

Are you ready to begin your Manifestation Journey through Quantum Jumping? 

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Duration: 75 minutes 

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Dino Hira

Dino Hira

Dip in Hypnotherapy; Reiki Tera Mai Seichem Level 3; Mental Health First Aid; Dip in Nutritional Therapy; Cert 4 in Training and Assessment

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