I am very thankful for the healing Claire provided to me in a particular stressful time at work. She was able to read in my body and give guidance to heal most of my pain with natural products. I have been amazed that most of the symptoms she identified were found as well during my previous annual check up but the healing she proposed was much more appropriate

Ms. Puja is an incredible problem solver and so much fun to work with! Her methods are effective, easy to follow and sustainable. The  pounds slipped off easily and I didn’t feel like I was starving or compromising my love of food. I’ve learned so much from her, she helped me change my attitude towards food and feel confident in my body and health again. She taught me the skills I needed to deal with emotional eating and how to strategize for everyday meals and obstacles. Puja works hard for you and believes in you even on your most difficult days, she is inspiring!

Nutritionist Ms. Puja is just awesome! I came to her feeling bloated all the time and I had gotten to the point where I was scared to eat because it seemed like everything I ate killed my stomach and left me doubled over in pain. I couldn’t even go out with friends without worrying that I would have to run to the bathroom. Puja helped me to figure out what was causing my pain and helped me to find foods that I could eat and feel great. She helped me to feel human again! That was two years ago and I’ve never felt better. I highly recommend her, she truly improved the quality of my life!

I had a bulging disc in my lower back and the pain was excoriating.  I tried doctors, acupuncture, physiotherapy, etc. and nothing worked.  I went to see Damien and within a few months of treatment, my back is normal again.  He  is the best in town without a shadow of a doubt!

I went to see Damien, each and every week during my six sessions of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy, to relieve my body of repeated chemical assaults every 3 weeks.  His care has contributed to my healing and it has as keeping my morale up as well as helping me to not let in too much space for this disease.  Through my visits with Damien during the time of my treatment, I was able to keep an almost normal life.  My oncologist who follows me every week is amazed at how quickly I have recovered.  I credit osteopathic treatment for my speedy recovery. 

I recommend going to see Damien Mouellic, he is very professional, very good both in diagnosis and in treatment and may interact at all levels that osteopathy can address; the range is wide. 

I started seeing Alessio when I was 16 weeks pregnant.  Suffering from the occasional back pains, he was great help. His treatments were very relaxing and done me a world of good. I often didn't feel like my body was out of balance when I visited him, but after he laid his magical hands on me, I was granted a new body! I highly recommend Alessio not only when you're pregnant, but when you are going through a stressful period in life. I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done on my mind and body.

Came to Alessio after a poor experience with a chiropractor, and some hip and lower back issues, exacerbated by a desk job and a rigorous fitness regime. He fixed me right up, and I still see him for maintenance treatments and he's helped to keep me fit, and healthy. All done in a helpful, insightful, and cheerful manner. About as pleasant as a visit to a medical practitioner can be!

I was suffering with disc problem in my back. Damien managed to get me vertical and without pain in a relative short period of time. I would highly recommend him!

Losing weight always felt daunting to me and like it just wasn’t meant to happen for me. Then I finally got the courage to contact Nutritionist Puja Mishra. She listened to me and understood me. She made me feel like I wasn’t in it alone and someone else was rooting for me. My journey has just begun but I’ve already lost 23 pounds and I couldn’t have done it without her.

I did around 8 sessions of kinesiology with Claire and it really helped me a lot. I came with a specific issue or problem that I wanted to address during each session and it is amazing how it helped me understand why I had the issue or how I could solve it / move forward in my life. Claire is a very dedicated professional, very experienced and always here to listen and help. I 100% recommend her. Just try it once and for sure you will come back !

Damien completely fixed a bulging disc problem in my back in 3 sessions after months of physiotherapy and acupuncture, etc. that got me nowhere. No surgery needed!

I have experienced a huge difference since I started naturopathic treatment. I have more energy, no sugar cravings and I have had my first night sleep without sleeping pills. Yay! Thank you ever so much. My neck is also less stressed, which is just amazing.

Alessio Savona for me is more than a friend. I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say that he's the man who saved my life! Last year I went through a very tough time: my back was hurting so much and no one could tell me why. I saw doctors, hospitals, did X rays on my lower back but no one seemed to have an explanation.

One day I went to work and suddenly I could not walk anymore. I was in so much pain that they had to call a driver to take me home. After I got dropped on the sidewalk and the driver had already driven away, I found out that I had to crawl on all fours to reach my home. Luckily, after taking many pain killers, I was able to go to Alessio's studio. He felt that all my muscles were in a spasmodic condition for the great pain they endured, so he performed acupuncture  on me.

After a single 1 hour session I felt already like most of my pain was gone. I saw him again the day after and once more after that. At the third session my pain was completely gone. So far I haven't experience the same pain again and that's because of Alessio's treatment!


I have good news, few days on the supplements and I have been observing rapid improvement. I am not sure whether its the enzymes, or vitamins or skin supplement, however I don't need to know! It's way to early to chant any sort of victory, as I have had these similar 'good days' in the past, with a dictatorship type of diet. But it is crazy to see, how drastic improvements can be, and how quickly the can take place! I will keep my fingers super crossed on this, but as today, I definitely feel better. 

Thank you so much!

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