Our Philosphy

Our integrative, natural, family health clinics offer multiple allied and complementary health disciplines, which work side-by-side to ensure each patient receives optimum health care. All of the practitioners at our practices share a common health and wellness philosophy - a philosophy that aims to identify and treat the root cause of illness and physiological imbalance, rather than just addressing the symptoms.  Our treatment aim is to leaverage the body's natural ability to heal and to restore balance in the body.

Individualised Patient Care

Every patient is unique and requires individulised treatment or therapy.  The practitioners at Stanley Wellness and Central Wellness tailor a treatment protocol for each patient by working in synergy with the practitioners of the various disciplines within the clinic.

The philosophy that founder Damien Mouëllic brings to his health care practice is one that always aims to find the root cause of illness and physiological imbalance.  Integrative and functional medicine is very thorough and not only requires skill and experience in order to provide the optimum treatment protocol for each patient, but also a united philosophy of care amongst the various clinicians. We are proud to have selected highly qualified practitioners who adhere to this common philosophy, and work synergistically to provide the best possible health care.  

Hong Kong is an intensely fast-paced and toxin-laden environment; residents often experience physiological and psychological stress as a result of these factors.  It is very common for health to deteriorate in the face of rising stress and pollution levels; often an individual suffers from multiple complaints affecting different body systems simultaneously.  Our team of physical and mental health professionals, working together and guided by a common philosophy will help restore health: physiological and psychological balance.

We find your path to optimum health.

Our multi-disciplinary family practice caters for all ages, infants to the elderly, special health needs, including pregnancy and post-pregnancy care, sports injuries and chronic health conditions.

Nutritional supplements and herbal medicines are available in the clinic dispensary and dispensed according to patient needs.

Restore Hydration - Large & Travel size

Restore Hydration - Large & Travel size

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