Practical strategies to break the stress cycle and finally enjoy your life again.

So you’ve worked 20+ relentless years to create the life you have: white collar career and executive role, family with 1.8  kids going to expensive private schools, lavish travels, great house or a few around the world… On paper your life looks great,


  • You hardly see your kids because you’re either at work or away 
  • Your marriage is ok….but it could be better. You don’t connect like you used to. You’re more like house mates project managing a family together.
  • Your physical health is on the decline, despite efforts to eat well and exercise.
  • You are constantly ON and under pressure, and can’t switch OFF and actually enjoy your life. It’s as though you never get a break. 
  • You need a few glasses of wine and a big meal to wind down at night – or you exercise excessively. 
  • You’re losing your mojo at work, even though you used to get a kick out of it before
  • You’ve achieved more or less all you wanted, but are still not enjoying it. You’re wondering if this is really it;  what you worked so hard for. 
  • You’ve dedicated yourself to creating financial freedom, but you feel a prisoner in your own life, mind and responsibilities.
  • Despite your success, the reality is you’re not happy...and something’s got to change!!

If you’re ready to exchange the constant stress for inner freedom and enjoy your life again (without losing the the drive), this is for you. 

You can look forward to:

  • More space, peace and clarity in your mind, so that you can focus and be more present
  • Take charge of your thoughts and feelings, so that you're not at the mercy of them
  • Natural stress- and emotional relief through the body’s innate release mechanisms, so that you can let go of the internal pressure & feel relaxed
  • Learn to re-fill your energy reserves fast, and become clear about your needs and boundaries, so that you feel light and energetic - and never deplete yourself again
  • Nervous system re-boot​ helps your body and brain can recover and return back to balance. (Watch your blood pressure come down & heart rate slow settle.)
  • Own your time & simplify your life
  • Balance within and without, so you can enjoy all areas of your life
  • Less reactiveness, more conscious action & connection 
  • Interrupt unwanted patterns such as overthinking, procrastination, excessive rumination, endless worrying, second guessing or ‘what if’-ing - and replace them with healthy & helpful patterns
  • End stress-related behaviours like over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, over-exercising, over-control, obsessing...and create healthy habits instead
  • Exchange ‘bad stress’ for ‘good stress’
  • Create calm whenever you need it 
  • Regain your appetite for life and ultimately, extend your lifetime
  • Re-connect with people you love & be present in everyday moments
  • Rediscover yourself & rewrite your future

What’s included: 

  • 6-week step by step plan 
  • Short daily sessions in Inner Freedom app 
  • 6 private coaching sessions and personalised strategies to create inner freedom & reach your goals.
  • Evidence based tools and techniques to tackle stress from all angles: physical, mental, emotional & nervous system 
  • A copy of Liisa’s book A Crash Course in Emotional Freedom
  • Nutrition and Supplement Guide to maximise your results

You will:

    1. Break the Stress Cycle  - Lay the foundations & and start afresh
    2. Reset The Nervous System & Release Tension: so that you can re-regulate, let go of the internal pressure and feel light and energetic again
    3. Master Your Mindset: Stop over thinking & negative thought patterns, and take charge of your inner world
    4. Discover Your Hidden Superpower:  Turn stress & emotions into a superpower & learn to turn ‘bad tress’ into ‘good stress’
    5. Own Your Time: From Race to Presence: Leave crazy busy mode behind, be present and have time for yourself and what matters to you. Connect with people you love and enjoy the small pleasures in life 
    6. Your Life By Design:  Get crystal clear about who you are & who you want to be, what you stand for and what you value in your life – as well as what isn’t working for you anymore. You’ve got one life and this is it! Make it one you absolutely LOVE


Want to live life on your own terms - and finally LOVE it? Join Liisa's EXECUTIVE FREEDOM PROGRAM.

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Liisa Halme

Dip. in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, Dip. in Yoga Therapy, Dip. in Breathwork and Behavioural Decision Processing, Certified Life Coach

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