Dino Hira

Dino Hira


Dip in Hypnotherapy; Reiki Tera Mai Seichem Level 3; Mental Health First Aid; Dip in Nutritional Therapy; Cert 4 in Training and Assessment


🏅Best Alternative healer in HK 2022, LIV'S WELLNESS & LIFESTYLE AWARDS


Dino was working as a Mining Engineer and he was living up to the expectations of a modern world; wanting the best car, the best house, the best clothes, yet he did not know that the best contentment laid in his ability to go within! 

In 2014, he suffered from poor mental health, thinking there was no hope or purpose to life as he was plagued by the expectations of society. An awakening happened which allowed him to discover meditation on a deeper level, which completely changed his life and led him to accomplish many things. 

He became a star on Australian television in MAFS. He has taught mindfulness and meditation in Australian prisons and drug and alcohol centres. Dino has documented his spiritual journey in a memoir, 'A Miner Who Wins Inner Peace', which entails how one can silence the mind and listen to the heart and soul. 

As a qualified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Energy Healer, and Counsellor, Dino has recently launch The Modern Yogi Co, a wellness brand that aims to spread the gifts of mindfulness to help calm the mind and release stress.



Type of Sessions:

Past Life Regression (PLR)

Duration: 90 min

Participants: One on one

Benefits: Overcoming trauma addictions, fears, cleansing and activating Life Energy

Have you ever wondered why you have that fear of drowning? Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of man or woman in your life? Have you ever met people and realised an instant connection and usually followed by a phrase, “I feel like we have met before, maybe in a previous lifetime?”

All these questions and more can be the answered by investing your time and energy into Past Life Regression (PLR). This form of therapy is known as PLR and it's a process for your mind to find the solutions to the blockages/fears that prevent you from moving forward in this lifetime. The roots of PLR are connected to the Hindu philosophy of karma and the Buddhist belief in reincarnation.


Mindfulness Meditation for Inner Happiness

Duration: 60Mins 

Participants: One on one or group of 2-15 people

Benefits: Relaxation, Reduce Stress, while feeling Revitalised. Allows one to enjoy and celebrate their Inner World, feeling Contentment from Within

The “Mindfulness Meditation for Inner Happiness” technique incorporates 4 stages. By the end of the session, participants will experience Mindfulness techniques to help build their awareness into the present moment, breath work that will allow them to relax, destress and feel like they are building a bridge between the Mind and Body, a dance meditation involving Mindfulness movements that allows great endorphins to flow, and a guided meditation based on affirmations and revitalising the chakras (energy centres), enabling one to feel content and awakened.

Reiki Energy Healing + Hypnotherapy in One Session

Duration: 60Mins 

Participants: One on One 

Benefits: Combines both rewarding fields of Reiki and Hypnotherapy tailored for an individual to manage stress, overcome addiction and start an inner healing process. 

Being one on one gives the opportunity for the participant to experience a program that is personalised to their own situation. 

Reiki can start an inner healing process and revitalises ones energy by practicing grounding, breathing and connecting with the inner energy circles (chakras). 

Hypnotherapy can help to strengthen ones mindset towards any goals, self care and also to overcome addictions such as smoking, eating (which leads to weight loss) , and enabling healthy habits to suit an individual lifestyle. One Size does not Fit All.


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