Purality Skincare, Now Available at Our Clinics

Purality Skincare, Now Available at Our Clinics

Purality #GreenBiotech has just landed in Hong Kong and you can now find it here at Central and Stanley Wellness! Discover this high-performance skincare brand that's gentle on your skin and the planet. 


Going back to the roots:

At the heart of Purality lies a groundbreaking new plant technology, based on the combination of plant stem cells from the French Rhodiola. This energizing plant lives in extreme conditions and adapts its defense system to the environment – with pre and probiotics, to ensure a stable and balanced skin microbiome.⁣ 

Purality skincare Rhodiola french plant Central and Stanley Wellness

The plant is used in all their skincare products, providing 3 key benefits:⁣

  • It energizes the skin by stimulating skin cell functions and regeneration and boosts cellular respiration.⁣
  • It has antioxidant properties, so it traps free radicals.⁣
  • It gives radiance to the skin through its detoxifying action.⁣


The Reset Essence

The Reset Treatment Essence is an essence lotion to be used on the skin after cleansing before using serums and moisturizers. It has antioxidants, helps to moisturize the skin and absorb products, and aids in restoring/resetting the skin barrier.

Purality skincare at Central and Stanley Wellness

Skin restoring is all about nourishing the skin, putting it back to its initial stage. Purality 's Reset Essence is unique because it helps restore skin balance acting on its protective microbiome with Rhodiola stem cells, Prebiotics Probiotics


Balance for your skin and for the planet

Purality wants to offer Clean Beauty. What does Clean Beauty mean for us?

  • Entirely recyclable products
  • 95% natural ingredients
  • No nasties (BHA, hormone disruption, toxic to environment, EDTA, toxic to the human body)

You can find out more about their ingredients (the Clean List) HERE. 


Give your skin a custom boost

Their signature Essence "Skin Reset" treatment is customizable thanks to the Live Duos, booster shots that mixed with the Essence Reset create an Activated Essence.

Choose from their 3 booster shots:⁣

Revive (orange) = Regenerating⁣

Renew (pink) = Glow and youth booster

Shield (green) = ⁣ Second skin protector 

Purality booster shots available at Central and Stanley Wellness


Round of shots, please!


For more information, contact reception at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2866 0287 (Central) / 23 73 9700 (Stanley).

  •   G/F 120 Stanley Main St.
  •     Stanley Market, Stanley, Hong Kong
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  •  6805 7307
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  •  6/F On Lan Centre, 15 On Lan St.
  •     Central, Hong Kong
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