New mobile APP for parents!

New mobile APP for parents!

There is a new application in the app stores for parents. First, I would like to thrill you with the benefits of the application which would ease your life as a parent before I let you know the name and the method to download it.

The application takes care of the most troublesome part of being a parent, feeding your baby! Yes, the application is meant to keep your child glued to the small 5-8 cm digital screen and you can easily and secretly push food down your child’s throat. So what if it comes with slight side effects? All good things have side effects. Only in a couple of days, your child would get addicted to this method of eating, that will probably last for a lifetime. That’s a small price to pay for the ease of feeding your child, isn’t it?

We adults deal with it every day ourselves as well. Most of us are used to excreting using the phone and it has made the most unpleasant part of our daily routine into the best moments we spend in the entire day. Newspapers were so clumsy to handle in the bathroom and couldn’t play videos. In fact, to many of us, it gives more pleasure than sex.

Therefore, it may not be wrong to make your child a mobile video addict to ease your pain of feeding them. We need to look at the bright side as well. Your child will learn multi-tasking much before you learnt it as a child. Watching cartoon videos and swallowing food, with eyes stuck on the mobile screen. It’s alright if they don’t chew well before swallowing. Humans evolve and adapt. Your child’s intestines will in a few years get used to digesting large chunks of un-chewed food. After all, it is important to eat quickly so that you can carry on with your other work.

We want our children to imbibe our qualities and way of life. Multitasking on so many apps is the best thing that we do in our lives these days as adults. Child’s lack of interest in outdoor group games, sports, etc., is alright with us. It is totally in sync with our lifestyles these days as well. We can always make up for vitamin D deficiency by a few injections. After all, our childhood days were deprived of this magical device called ‘mobile phones’ and weren’t our childhood days so boring and impossible. Of course, we wouldn’t want our child to go through the same. We save enough time by using the new APP to earn enough money to pay for the vitamin D injections. Everything has come to a logical conclusion with advancement in electronics and medical science.

Hopefully, the next version of the application will come with a feature to make them sleep, study, play and exercise as well. We all can’t wait for it, can't we? Imagine a hassle free world. Since the side effects are so little known to us at this point in time, we have nothing to worry about. In the new generation, the unknown devil is better than the known one.

Your talking to them, playing with them, making them laugh, singing rhymes, etc, may cause fatigue and may result in increased mental trauma for you, and you simply do not want it to happen. You need to save your energy for work at office, which you are obviously doing for the bright future of your child even though the high brightness of the mobile screen may give some (super) power to your child’s eyes. We are fine with pushing our kids towards the known and unknown dangers of over exposure of the digital devices.

Coming back to our APP, most of us are already using some or the other version of this App I am talking about. It’s called ‘digital cocaine’. Don’t worry, it’s totally legal and has not been banned. There is a new research which says that the exposure to the mobile screen causes the same impact on your brain as cocaine. Therefore the name 'digital cocaine' is totally appropriate for the new APP. Now you know why you and your child have this urge to keep looking at your mobile screen.

Happy Digital Parenting !!!

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