Strategic Therapy is brief, targeted and results driven.  

In Strategic Therapy you will spend less time going through childhood, hurts, wounds, and traumas trying to find links or explanations for why you are the way you are. 

Understanding these patterns can be interesting and eye-opening, but it often isn’t enough to actually change them. The more story you get into, the longer therapy will take.

There is no doubt that during the course of our lives things happen that affect us. But everyone responds differently to trauma and challenge. Some people manage it very well while others are deeply affected. So what makes the difference? The difference is our cognitive patterns and learned skills in handling our thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. 

Since no therapy can change the past, strategic therapy focuses on how you generate the problem in the present time, and on finding solutions on how to change it. It will look at the nature of your decision-making, what you attend to, and the actions you habitually take. You will learn new, useful skills that will change the way you deal with present day situations, how you relate to your past and deal with the ambiguity of future. It is less about the Why, and more about How to change the things that aren’t working. 

You will invest less time and energy in getting very solid results.

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Service Practitioners

Liisa Halme

Liisa Halme

Dip. in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, Dip. in Yoga Therapy, Dip. in Breathwork and Behavioural Decision Processing, Certified Life Coach

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