Day trader, night shrink - Cindy Rachel Guedj in Trait d’Union Magazine

Day trader, night shrink - Cindy Rachel Guedj in Trait d’Union Magazine

Article by Catya Martin in Trait d’Union Magazine's October issue features our one and only Cindy Rachel Guedj, Clinical Psychologist here at Central & Stanley Wellness.

Click HERE to read the original article in French in Trait D'Union. Or read on for our translation in English below :)

Day trader, night shrink 

by Catya Martin, Trait d’Union Magazine (translated from French)


Cindy Rachel Guedj psychologist at central and stanley wellness

Cindy Rachel Guedj (CRG) arrived in Hong Kong in 2017 as a trader for a French bank and decided to embark in a project that her entourage considered a bit ‘crazy’.

Indeed, the young woman has resumed a career as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, which she practices in the evenings in addition to her main job. Being an adept of the holistic approach, she has found her place in the clinic of French-Australian Damien Mouellic, at Central Wellness, a clinic that promotes Functional Medicine.

Cindy Rachel Guedj's (CRG) goal is simple, to guide you through your understanding of your mental health and well-being. After more than 15 years of training in psychoanalysis, the young French woman began practicing in Hong Kong earlier this year. After her training in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis, Cindy joined a major business school which would lead her to the world of finance which she joined at the time of the 2008 crisis.

Psychology is never far away, and it feels like something is missing; at the occasion of a holotropic meditation session (through music and breath work), she feels a very strong emotional experience and realizes what she has been lacking until now, helping others. “All of a sudden it came to me that I get up every morning and help grow my company’s business, which is a choice on my part with a job that I love. But I could also get up in the morning and help people get better, do someone good ” says Cindy Rachel. 

That’s when she took the decision to do everything possible to achieve it, not hesitating to go back to school and start training in more action oriented techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or even Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ( EMDR) facilitating the journey of her patients in the way of lifting a “non-resilience”, of changing an emotional state or even learning to be at peace and in harmony with oneself.

A trauma specialist, this mother of two little girls aged 1 and 2½, also deals with topics around loss, abandonment, grief, failure, desire or even the difficulties of dealing with a heavy family past. Cindy Rachel is also involved in divorce support, burnout and performance coaching. 

Each session is unique and tailor-made for the patient. "The themes used are based on the patient's needs, challenges, age &/or personality, we adapt to each patient, for each patient" explains the 35-year-old.

Her originality consists in giving homework to her patients. CRG works a lot on the actions to be taken between sessions. “This gives them a guideline and allows them to continue working on them between each session,” she explains.

“My practice at the Central Wellness clinic is a neutral place, I speak of it as a free country without any weight, neither of society, of education or of religion, nor of values. Everything can be said, without judgment, none, ”she explains. “We sign an oath of the same type as the doctors and whatever our patients say stays with us. Some patients even tell me that they are not religious but feel like they are in a confessional when they come to see me, ”adds Cindy Rachel. Cindy Rachel Guedj offers an initial one-hour session, allowing the framework to be set up as well as the relationship of trust between her and the patient, essential for the smooth running of the sessions that will follow. Her motto is, "We define ourselves by the story we tell ourselves", if you change the narrative, then you change your story. Aware that human beings are made up of past, present and future, Cindy Rachel Guedj works on the scars of the past which, according to the psychologist, disrupt the present which is none other than the past of the future. In a word, we must heal the scars of the past to have a clear present and therefore a peaceful future.

“There are traumas of which we are aware, such as the divorce of one’s parents or even a car accident, and there are traumas buried in our memory, which reappear through an often trivial daily event. These are also the themes I work on, "says the young woman. “In these situations, you have to find a way to come to terms with these traumas, these 'non-resiliences' and for that you have to forgive yourself. This is what I'm going to work on, ”she continues. "I am just a guide, really, it's the patient who does all the work, in fact I'm no one in this equation, just the one that shows the possible ways to help my patients to accept themselves, I facilitate the digestion of past challenges by showing them the past and the present, it is up to them to define their future, ”she concludes. 

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