Bioresonance: What to Expect During a Session

Bioresonance: What to Expect During a Session

Your Bioresonance session will be both interactive and relaxing. You will be comfortably seated in a cozy environment, and you can do anything you’d like during the session (read, use your phone, ask questions to the therapist, enjoy some rest, meditate, etc…). The more relaxed you are, the better the effect the therapy will have on you.

The therapist will first start with launching the full body scan. The machine will sense your body's electromagnetic frequency through the earphones you will be wearing - you won’t feel anything.

Bioresonance device Biospect Central and Stanley Wellness

One of the coolest features of the Biospect last generation device we have at the clinic is to allow the person scanned to visually follow live on a screen monitor the journey inside their body. The scan will go through each organ and imbalanced body part, zooming deeper and deeper through the organs' tissues when needed.

Upon the end of the scan, the machine will list out the root causes of all imbalances found, sorted by order of priority. Next, the therapist will explain what is best to treat, based on both the condition you have addressed, and what shows up on the scan (it could seem different since there are multiple energetic connections between various body parts: i.e, you might end up receiving therapy on your stomach organ when you have sinus issues, or your liver may come up first on the list if you come for anger issues).

The healing therapy will then start subtly making your body cells resonate with the healthiest frequency calculated by the machine to treat your condition.

The device harmonization function is entirely safe. There is no side effect, except maybe detox symptoms. This holistic approach is all about being a gentle and sustainable medicine, with zero chemical intake, allowing your body to recover its full capacity to rebalance itself.

After the session you will receive a report by email with a recap of the areas treated and with a few suggestions (nutrition, essential oils, supplements…), as well as a therapy plan if more sessions were needed.

The last generation of the Biospect machine is the only authentic device available in Hong Kong allowing you to follow live on a screen the scan journey within the body, and treatments during a session.

Bioresonance technology can assess the energetical information happening in our body. This information regulates the physical level of function. Bioresonance is not to be used as a medical diagnosis. The analysis function can be used to help detect developing tendencies and take proactive actions.

Bioresonance relies on the innate body's capacity to heal or soothe any conditions. The machine senses the root causes of a condition at the deepest levels, and it will help your body to gently make the energetical shift to go back to your harmony, for good. As such, this healing process may require more time than the intake of a painkiller. It is meant to be a deep and long-lasting process.



Laurence de Guernon is a Bioresonance Therapist available at Central Wellness and Stanley Wellness. Place a booking by contacting our reception today. Free 15-min Consultation call is available - click  to book online.

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