This style of bodywork is recommended for anyone looking to rebalance, relax and restore as part of their overall wellbeing strategy. Based upon a number of different complimentary techniques, the resultant massage is a smooth, flowing, medium-firm style using aromatherapy oils and incorporating specific hand and foot energy points. Carried out by an experienced reiki master and aromatherapist, the energetic quality of each massage is unique to each person and each treatment; yet all enjoy increased balance within the body, mind and spirit with the facilitation of improved chi flow.

Holistic massage therapy of this kind is of benefit to anyone who wishes to take some ’time out’ to relax; but is particularly encouraged for those who may find other self-directed relaxation techniques, such as meditation, more challenging; or who find it difficult to relax the body even though they want to. Massage therapy such as this can be a very mindful experience, helping each person to tune into how they are at any given moment; and over time gain an increased level of mind-body awareness. 


Service Practitioners

Jo Herbert-Doyle

Jo Herbert-Doyle

BHSc (Naturopathy), GradDip (Arts Psychotherapy), Dip (Kinisiology), Dip (Massage), Certified Meditation Facilitator, Aromatherapist, Wellbeing Coach & Reiki Master Teacher. Certified in DNA Genetics Testing & Nutrigenomics. MNHAA
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