Fasting is the oldest form of healing known to man, and is based on the simple premise that it gives the body time to heal itself during a period of abstinence from food.

If the body has been exposed to periods of excessive ‘self-indulgence’, stress and fatigue, or illness, raw juice fasting can have a remarkable effect on restoring health and wellness as well as kick starting healthy lifestyle habits. Juice fasting, even a one day fast, is one of the most cleansing and rejuvenating treatments for your body. During a fast, the body expels long-standing toxins. Its own regulatory mechanisms focus on the tissues in reverse order of their importance in the body, so that dead and diseased tissues and fat are eliminated first. The body’s in-built system of priorities protects the major organs, accelerating its healing and cleansing processes by removing dead and diseased cells and speeding up the proliferation of new, healthy cells.

After a juice fast (1-3 days) one can expect visible results, a flatter tummy, improved skin tone, a glowing complexion, disappearance of fine lines, silky soft hair, and bright clear eyes. During a fast, the body prioritises fat tissue as an energy source, weight loss is also common.

Many people find that after a juice fast, they no longer feel good eating unhealthy foods, drinking in excess, and smoking. The juice fast is an ideal ‘kick start’ to a healthier you. A longer diet cleanse may be embarked upon after the juice fast to promote deeper cleansing, detoxification and healing.

Jeanette can guide you through the juice fast and beyond with advice on healthy eating and lifestyle modifications that will set you on the path to a cleaner, healthier you. She can also work with you to devise an individualised herb and nutrient protocol to maximise the body's ability to detoxify, cleanse and heal.

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