Jo Herbert-Doyle

Jo Herbert-Doyle


BHSc (Naturopathy), GradDip (Arts Psychotherapy), Dip (Kinisiology), Dip (Massage), Certified Meditation Facilitator, Aromatherapist, Wellbeing Coach & Reiki Master Teacher. Certified in DNA Genetics Testing & Nutrigenomics. MNHAA

Jo draws upon all of her training and knowledge of herbal, nutritional and energetic medicine, coupled with mind-body skills training. Using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment model, Jo collaborates with her clients to develop personalised, achievable solutions to improve their sense of wellbeing and balance. This commonly includes optimising energy levels, reducing overall impact of stress or simply everyday 'busyness', addressing sleep issues, or supporting them in their goals to make healthier changes and live more in tune with their body.

A specific interest of Jo’s is cellular bioenergetics and the mind-body connection. As such, how a person creates, holds and uses their energy, along with the impact of their mental health on their overall wellbeing and ability to make healthy choices lies at the heart of her clinical practice. With due respect given to traditional medicine systems, Jo also incorporates contemporary functional and lifestyle medicine including the use of select functional laboratory testing if required. In addition, she is certified in DNAlife Genetics Testing and Nutrigenomics, which adds an extra element to the personlisation of all lifestyle recommendations for those interested in health and lifestyle optimisation. Ultimately Jo encourages clients to keep it simple and practical - and address the areas of their life where they are living out of balance first; her professional mantra being ""you cannot supplement yourself out of a poor lifestyle"". Whilst this concept of living well forms the foundations of ancient naturopathic philosophy, the advance of genetic science now agrees - with epigenetics showing that living in alignment with your unique genetic make-up is fundamental to wellbeing. This begins with what you eat, the exercise you take regularly, how well you rest, and your interaction with your environment and how resilient you are to any stresses placed upon you.

Following a career as a veterinary nurse, Jo stepped into the wellness industry in 1997, initially as a Reiki level II practitioner. She subsequently fulfilled her ongoing interest in all aspects of human wellness by obtaining professional qualifications in massage, a Certificate in Indian Head Massage, a Diploma of Massage (UK), Certificate IV Aromatherapy (AUS), Professional Meditation Facilitators Certification (AUS), Diploma of Holistic (Energetic) Kinesiology (AUS), Reiki Master Teacher certification (AUS), and a number of other certifications in areas of interest. In 2011 she completed a BHSc (Naturopathy) from Australia’s oldest naturopathic school, the Southern School of Natural Therapies, majoring in herbal (botanical) medicine and clinical nutrition. She graduated as DUX of her year with the Most Outstanding Graduating Student award and the Excellence in Naturopathy award. Since then, she has been a full professional and practicing member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia.

With an awareness of the importance of understanding the mental-emotional aspects of wellbeing, Jo holds a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy, has a Nutrition Psychology certification and upskilled herself in change facilitation with a Wellbeing Coach certification. These have combined into a specific interest in food coaching using a healthy and sustainable naturopathic ketogenic weight loss method for those wishing to improve their body composition.

Jo strives to follow her own advice and is therefore mindful of how she eats, moves, thinks and interacts with her environment. She has also had her genes tested because this information empowers her to further personalise her wellbeing strategy for a long, healthy life. Jo is committed to real work-life balance, is an everyday yogini, regularly hikes in nature, uses food as medicine and recently transitioned to a fully plant-based diet. In addition, she practises regular reflection and mindful living. Her personal paradigm is one that acknowledges that both herself and others are an integrated whole of body-mind-spirit-environment therefore approaches all aspects of her work and life accordingly.


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