The FREE Clinic 4.0

The FREE Clinic 4.0

The FREE CLINIC is an event organised by the students of the Chinese International School where medical staff from Stanley Wellness Centre and Lauren Bramley & Partners bring free healthcare to underprivileged communities. 

Here's what Sassy Mama and Southside Magazine had to say about it:

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Thank you so much for your support! Looking forward to the next edition!

Human Anatomy Workshop #1: The Vertebral Column

Human Anatomy Workshop #1: The Vertebral Column

Serve your body and mind with this 3 hour Human Anatomy Workshop, purily dedicated to the Vertebral Column. Join Osteopath Dr Damien Mouellic and Anhao Wellness Centre and explore the common injuries, biomechanics and anatomy principles that you can apply to your proffessional and personal life. 

This workshop is brought to you by Stanley Wellness Centre and Anhao Wellness Centre

Date: Saturday 4 November, from 3-6 PM

Location: Anhao Wellness Centre. 5 Ladder Street. Central, Hong Kong

Price: 800HKD

Bookings: / 63978284

More information: / 63978284

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